Each of these items I use on a regular basis for recording my own music. After putting them through their paces I can recommend each one. I looked for products that wouldn't cost a fortune but were the best in their price range.
If you are into recording your own music, the Duet is excellent. Plug your mic or electric guitar into it and you'll get great pristine sound.

Even more exciting is you run your computer's sound output through it and you'll notice an amazing difference in sound quality.

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I've tried many capos. I first bought a big expensive one because it just looked so damn professional. But it was big and clunky and got in the way of my hand. So I finally opted for this little guy and he's the best I've used.

Small, simple, lasts forever. Who'd of thought?
I've worked on both PC and MAC but I have to say for recording music and editing video I prefer the MAC. In fact I gave up my Power Mac and opted for the iMac since I have a small studio and needed a powerful computer but one that was silent. The iMac has proved the perfect computer for my work and I can highly recommend it.

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This is a great piece of software. Good, workable interface, excellent onboard instruments, but my favourite is how easily you can record and edit multiple takes. This “take” ability is what made me give up my other software for Logic.

It can take awhile to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it really is great.
A simple, sturdy stand that keeps your guitar safe instead of lying on the couch where someone might sit on it!
It can be hard finding a good set of headphones. These have a fairly flat response so they're good for mixing and they're light and comfortable. You won't have a headache after several hours of wearing them.
It's funny how music can have such an impact on our lives. In my dark, angst-ridden teenage years, Tir Na Nog was one of my favourite bands. Tip 'o the hat to them.
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I hate changing strings, which meant my strings used to get disgustingly grungy. Then I discovered phosphor bronze strings. These things don’t corrode from sweat, etc.

D’addario strings have a good tone and they last. It’s interesting the life of strings (depending on how much you play) they are bright and brassy for a few days, then sound nice and mellow for months, then they die. Though for recording it's a good to change them for new ones the night before.
Another great device for people recording at home. You can use this to control your music recording program from a distance.

A big help when you’re trying to find a quiet spot away from your computer.

Of course another solution is to just add an extension cable to your keyboard and use it where ever you are recording. Key commands can run your program from a distance just as easily.
Here's a great microphone for the Duet. In this package the NT1-A comes with a pop filter and shock mount.

I invested in this microphone for my last CD and the difference in sound quality was amazing.
If you have a pickup on your acoustic guitar, or you want to tune your electric guitar, this is a great tuner. My life changed when I bought this. Much easier than trying to tune by ear and this baby is easy to read and accurate.
When recording my guitar, I would move the arm of my mic stand down to the level of the guitar but the shock mount couldn't swivel up high enough to get a proper angle. I found this little adapter solved the problem perfectly.

Just search online to find out where to buy it.
AT8459 Swivel-mount Microphone Clamp Adapter
For recording you'll want a fairly sturdy stand with an arm so you can record either voice or guitar.
Does your guitar always seem to be in the way? I bought this to hang my guitar on the wall and it works perfectly. And if you have several guitars, your room looks just like a store!