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"Song after song, Russian Revolution showcases Rob’s composing and arranging artistry, which is dedicated to a sophisticated, gentler but more passionate kind of pop-rock fusion. His music is thoughtful, composed, relevant and impassioned."

Rick Jamm, JamSphere review of Russian Revolution - 5 out of 5

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"Excellent vocals. Great guitar work. Wow, I didn't expect the drums that come in later in the song - before the drums came in I thought I had the rest of the song figured out. But no, you had to go and surprise me. Not to blow smoke up anyplace but this is brilliant."

Mika Salakka, San Marcos, Texas
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“As long as he keeps running away... Great Hook!”
CarbonStar, Missouri

“I love it. It sets the mood of just driving down a long dark highway at night, in the rain. I was ready to comment on the vocals stepping out of context, and then the lyrics answered, GENIUS!”
EnVayne, New York

“What a great performance!”
Xodius, New York

“Excellent experimental jazz song....very original."
Mullos, Chicago

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“I feel like I just walked into the bar, ordered my drink, and noticed a spotlight on the piano way up front...I love the emotion. I am often drawn to performers like this, who make me want to understand the tale they spin.”

Rutherford, New Jersey

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"What a song. The vocals are so comforting. The piano sounds beautiful and the lyrics are very touching."

Amy Sudrala, Arizona

Is an artist a success with only a few fans?

We all thrive on validation, that's particularly true for artists. If lots of people buy your work you feel your work is good. Unfortunately, in this consumer oriented society, validation has become a numbers game.

Movies were once judged by how many critics liked a film, now it's how much money they make at the box office. A musician who sells a million records is automatically considered better than one who sells a hundred. But better at what? Better at writing songs, or better at selling songs? (continued)

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Rob Thompson is a musician and videographer who currently lives in Killaloe, Ontario.